Syndicom: "Now it's the staff's turn".

The Syndicom trade union is demanding that, following Tamedia's record-breaking profit in the 2011 financial year, the focus be on staff and improving working conditions.

The record high profit Tamedia's performance in the 2011 financial year does not surprise the Syndicom trade union, it writes in a communiqué. Constant staff reductions in editorial offices and production, outsourcing, the disposal of media and investments that do not generate maximum profits, and permanent high work pressure for the staff have made this result possible despite the slump in the industry.

In view of Tamedia's millions in profits and a profit margin of 15.3 percent, Syndicom feels that measures are urgently needed to finally allow staff to participate appropriately. The measures proposed by the union in the wording:

- "Profit sharing is not sustainable: General wage increases of 200 francs per month for all employees would be more than justified. This would cost just a modest 10 million francs. And for shareholders, an almost fifty percent increase in the dividend is envisaged."

- "The awarding of in-house printing contracts and the outsourcing of ad production abroad must be stopped and reversed. The Tamedia owners do not need these extra profits from cheap productions; they have a duty to strengthen the labor market of the Swiss printing industry instead of weakening it with job cuts."

- "After several years of downsizing, positive workforce development must now begin, shifting the workload-to-staff ratio back in favor of employees."

- "The three production sites in Zurich, Berne and Lausanne/Bussigny must be guaranteed in the long term and no further funds must be withdrawn from the press titles: Staffing levels and quality must take priority."

- "Tamedia's annual financial statements are proof that in the negotiations for the renewal of the collective labor agreement (CLA) for the graphic arts industry, which are due this year, the existing benefits (such as supplements for night work) must not be touched. Stress and night work that is harmful to health must not be used to meet exorbitant profit expectations."

- "Tamedia, as by far the largest publisher in Switzerland, must finally assume its responsibility to resume negotiations on a collective labor agreement for journalists in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino after eight years without a contract."

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