FM1 with new station for the Linth plain

From now on, FM1 radio in Eastern Switzerland can also be received in the Linth plain between Lakes Zurich and Walensee lakes: The radio programme has been broadcasting on the frequency 89.1 MHz from the Mollis-Wälschbüel transmitter site for a few days now.

After the Rapperswil-Jona region has already been supplied for some time by the Feusisberg transmitter on 106.5 MHz, FM1 can now be received in the entire See-Gaster region, according to a statement on Monday. This also fulfils the licence mandate to supply the entire canton of St. Gallen. With the commissioning of the Mollis transmitter, the expansion of the FM1 transmitter network west of the Ricken is not yet complete. The tunnel radio systems in the tunnels of the A53 would soon also be switched on.


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