Goldbach Group continues to manage Gemi

After an interruption of two years, the Goldbach Group continues the Goldbach Index. The index tracks advertising pressure in the overall market and in the electronic media on a monthly basis.

Due to a lack of data delivery, in particular for the Adscreen medium, the Goldbach Index (Gemi) was discontinued at the end of 2009, according to a statement on Thursday. With the retroactive publication and the resumption of data delivery, the Goldbach Group is now reintroducing the monthly publication.

In December 2011, TV closed the year with 592 (591) and thus with a plus of one index point, while radio maintained the value of the previous month with 341 index points. The Internet, at 668 (682), was down 14 index points from the previous month, while teletext lost 2 index points to 104 (106) and adscreen as many as 19 to 413 (432). Electronic media remained unchanged at 583 index points, while all media as a whole lost another index point to 224 (225) at the end of the year.

In a review of the year, the media developed as follows in 2011: TV increased by 39 index points, radio by 30. Internet lost 114 index points, as did teletext 29 points. Adscreen shows the strongest increase with 109 plus points. The electronic media achieved a total gain of 29 index points, and all media increased by 7 points.

The index for advertising pressure in the overall market and in the electronic media initiated by the Goldbach Group is based 100 percent on the data collected and published monthly by Media Focus. The Gemi provides information on the indexed development of the various electronic media compared to the overall market since the introduction of the first advertising window in 1993 (digital advertising spaces from 2007). In a two-stage process, monthly seasonality is filtered out of the time series. In the short-term view, the past 12 months of each of the electronic media TV, radio, Internet, teletext and adscreen are shown.

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