Tele M1/Tele Bärn: Claudio Bonaria appointed head of advertising sales

Claudio Bonaria will take over as head of the regional TV sales teams of Tele M1 and Tele Bärn in Aarau and Bern from January 2012.

Following the takeover of Tele Bärn by AZ Medien, the two regional broadcasters Tele M1 and Tele Bärn are moving closer together, according to a statement on Thursday: Claudio Bonaria will in future be responsible for advertising sales for Tele Bärn and Tele M1 - together with the field sales teams in Aarau and Bern. For five years, Bonaria worked as a video journalist and presenter at Tele Bärn. For just under four years, the 37-year-old from Berne has held various sales positions at Espace Media - including Key Account Manager and, since March 2010, Deputy Head of the Audiovisual Advertising Department.

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