New marketing concept at Radio 105

The cooperation in Radio 105 marketing between Energy Media and Music First Network will be reorganized. Radio 105 markets itself in the area of classic local advertising, while Energy Media concentrates on the national marketing of classic advertising offers.

For a little more than a year, Energy Media marketed Radio 105's local and national radio spots and online advertising; Musik First Network was active in sponsorship for Radio 105 during the same period. Marketing will now be redistributed, the radio station announced Tuesday. In the future, Music First Network will market not only the national and local sponsoring offers, but also the classic radio spots and the Internet banners in the local market itself. With the new arrangement, 105 boss Giuseppe Scaglione wants to maintain personal contact with local advertisers.

Music First Network also continues to market the national and local sponsorships, promotions and special advertising formats of Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo Swiss and Rock Nation. Energy Media focuses on the national marketing of Music First Network's stations' classic radio and online advertising.


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