Swiss Photo Award 2011: Meinrad Schade honored

Meinrad Schade hat den mit 15'000 Franken dotierten Swiss Photo Award 2011 der EWZ.Selection gewonnen. Er wird für seine Reportage «Verbrannte Erde» ausgezeichnet, für die er in eine ehemalige Atomtest-Region reiste.

The work represents a contrast to our fast-moving times, said jury member Frank Bodin in response to a question from the SDA news agency. Meinrad Schade succeeded in giving abstraction a face. Schade traveled to the Semipalatinsk region in Kazakhstan, where the Soviets detonated almost 500 atomic bombs for testing purposes between 1949 and 1989, for his reportage, for which he also received an award in the "Editorial Photography" category.

The photo award in the category "Advertising" goes to Zoe Tempest. Her award-winning work "Horse Jumper" was created as part of last year's Christmas campaign for the fashion label Mayd Style, according to a statement. Sven Bänziger was honored in the "Fashion" category. According to the jury, his commissioned work for the fashion magazine Best Fashion was nothing other than a simply perfect piece of classic fashion photography. The prize in the "Architecture" category went to Katalin. In her work, she had understood how to capture the fleeting, everyday view of architecture. Joel Eschbach aka The Umbrella Kid wins the category prize "Fine Art" for his series about teenage skaters in a concrete architecture shown only in excerpts. Fred Merz wins the prize in the "Free" category. In his socio-politically engaged work, he portrays the 800 to 1,500 workers at South America's largest garbage dump in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

All award-winning photo series are on display until May 29 in the "Swiss Photo Award" exhibition at the ewz Unterwerk Selnau in Zurich. The show includes all 18 works nominated by the jury for this year's photo award from over 681 entries submitted.

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