Mediapulse: Television and radio go mobile

Mediapulse has to find new ways of collecting user data, as more and more people are using offers that allow them to watch and listen to TV and radio programs on a time-shifted basis. The new system is to be used from 2013.

Three measurement systems from international providers are available for selection. The systems from Kantar Media, Nielsen and GfK will be evaluated. This was announced by Mediapulse on Tuesday. All systems rely on a principle that recognizes the broadcast by its sound.

Mediapulse now measures radio usage by equipping test subjects with a wristwatch. Television usage is recorded electronically on the TV set in the test group. In the future, this will no longer be enough, as more and more people are using cell phones, tablet PCs such as the iPad, or Internet services to watch TV and listen to the radio.

Today, Mediapulse can already capture digital offerings such as Swisscom TV. This will soon also be possible with web solutions such as Zattoo or Wilmaa. In the medium term, mobile devices will also be added. At the same time as adapting the measurement system, Mediapulse also wants to renew the survey panel. In contrast to today, the group of users whose TV and radio consumption is recorded will also include households that have no registered fixed network connection or none at all.

Mediapulse is mandated by law to investigate how television and radio are used in Switzerland. The foundation made a profit of 623'000 francs last year on sales of 18.9 million francs, it added. Mediapulse also receives contributions from the federal government for collecting usage data.

Mediapulse: Radio and TV research definitely SRG-independent

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