Twitter wants to boost advertising business

The online platform Twitter wants to boost advertising business on its own site. The micro-blogging service is primarily targeting the promising business with business customers.

As the British industry portal Brand Republic reported with reference to insider circles, Twitter users will be able to use a new form of profile pages in the future, which are somewhat reminiscent of the corresponding Facebook feature "Facebook Pages" and will significantly facilitate and improve communication with Internet contacts and potential customers. However, it will probably be some time before the new feature is officially rolled out by Twitter. At the moment, the company only has "no comment" when it comes to the corresponding plans.

Engagement on Twitter, Facebook and the like usually pays off for brand companies. As a report by the advertising agency DDB shows, having their own pages can increase sales and promote awareness through more word-of-mouth. However, these benefits also come with a relatively high level of support. Those who do not continuously fill their social web presence with fresh content run the risk that their own profile will soon only live a shadowy existence.

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