Bank Linth enters into annual partnership with Radio 105

With its online portal for young people, Bank Linth enters into a longer-term cooperation with the youth radio station 105.

Thereby Sponsor of the "Knack den Tresor" quiz, which is broadcast daily on the 105 morning show. In this quiz, listeners have to answer four out of five daily questions correctly within 30 seconds and thus "crack" the safe.

Bank Linth's new youth account is called Youli. The word is made up of Young and Linth. Sandra Gilly, Head of Marketing Services at Bank Linth, says: "At the time when young people are taking their finances into their own hands, they should be encouraged to become actively involved in and with their region. The online portal is therefore deliberately designed to enable visitors to network and exchange views on topics that are important to them. For us, Radio 105, with its great popularity among young people, is the ideal partner."

Giuseppe Scaglione, head of 105, is delighted with the new partnership: Bank Linth is showing courage by sponsoring a quiz called "Crack the safe. It is precisely this open, somewhat tongue-in-cheek attitude that goes down very well with young people.

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