Apple: App Store subscriptions announced

Apple introduced a new subscription service on Tuesday. Publishers are to be allowed to offer subscriptions to their content both in and outside the App Store in the future. Apple's sales policy has so far been sharply criticized by publishers. They are demanding free access to Apple's iPad. 

It is the same solution Rubert Murdoch uses for his iPad newspaper The Daily, Apple announced on Tuesday. Publishers can determine the price and the duration of the subscription. As before, the group wants a 30 percent share in return. However, Apple is now giving publishers the option of offering their subscription outside the App Store, for example on their website, or granting free access to existing subscribers. In this case, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing, as Steve Jobs promises in a communiqué. The condition, however, is that the corresponding subscription offer is also offered in the App Store - "this one (or a better one). Publishers cannot therefore pass on the share that Apple keeps for itself to the customer. In addition, publishers do not get free access to customer data. Apple wants to give customers the choice. When they sign up for a subscription, they will be given the "option to provide the publisher with their name, email address and zip code when they sign up," the statement continues. The publishers have yet to respond.

In addition to the prices, the media companies are also allowed to determine the duration of the iPad and iPhone subscription offers, as writes on Tuesday. Apple will take over all payment transactions and debit the subscription money from the corresponding iTunes user accounts. Publishers are prohibited from advertising their own Apple-independent subscriptions in their apps.

The European Newspaper Publishers Association had recently called for free access to the iPad. In a statement, it said that Apple should not dictate a business model to publishers, that publishers wanted to negotiate directly with customers, present offers on online and print packages and generally decide independently on payment modalities, as writes further on Tuesday. Publishers seem to have to come to terms with the business model of the market-dominating Apple tablet. However, new flat computers are already pushing onto the market, linked to Google's Android 3.0 operating system, project name: Honeycomb.

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