Star TV launches Game TV after all  

Following the renewal of its license, private broadcaster Star TV is launching a special-interest channel called Game TV. It is aimed at the game community and will be broadcast digitally for the time being.

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) has extended the license for the special-interest channel Game TV, which is held by the private broadcaster Star TV. The license has not been used until now. However, the channel for the game community has been experimented with at the broadcaster for some time, according to the communiqué. "The extension of the concession enables us to definitely bring Game TV to cable now," CEO Paul Grau is quoted as saying in the communiqué.First, Game TV will start in the digital network. Later, however, the company will also seek analog distribution. Grau's goal is not immodest: Game TV is to become the communication platform of the game industry. He is also counting on the growing interest - at least in the U.S. - of the advertising industry in games.
Star TV already has experience with the TV exploitation of games and has, for example, broadcast events such as Red Bull Race. Now they want to get the audience excited about sophisticated strategy games or LAN parties. Parents and educators will also be catered for: There will be a special "Kids Platform" for them.
Not all the content has to be produced from scratch: Various magazines from Star TV will also be on the new channel. Likewise, the presenters will appear on both channels. Promotion for Game TV will run cross-media via Star TV and "various Internet platforms," according to the communiqué.

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