TV director puts relaunch costs at 1 million

The renaming of SF DRS to SF Schweizer Fernsehen would cost license fee payers up to CHF 20 million, reported Blick last week.

The project will cost up to 20 million francs.
The renaming of SF DRS to SF Schweizer Fernsehen is the responsibility of license fee payers,
reported Blick last week. "With the best will in the world
I don't know how this figure was arrived at. I also don't know where
I should take this sum," counters TV director Ingrid Deltenre
in the latest issue of Schweizer Illustrierte. The total cost
the new corporate identity, i.e. a new logo and the adjustments
station signage, Internet presence, printed matter and the
Labeling of the reportage vehicles and the television buildings, around 1 million
francs. In addition, of course, every year the
Further development of shipments Costs, this year in particular
for the renewal of "Tagesschau" and "10vor10".

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