MTV and Jamba continue to ring together

MTV Networks bans Kingelton advertising from prime time, but continues to cooperate with the mobile entertainment provider Jamba.

In August, MTV Networks announced the
Intention to ban ringtone advertising from prime time.
Jamba, a provider of ringtones, responded with
incomprehension (see Newsmail of August 24). Now Jamba and
MTV Networks have decided to continue their collaboration. Although
the German music station group as announced certain broadcasting times
advertising for cell phone tones, but the cooperation in other areas is being
broadcasting formats. From mid-September, for example, the
"Mini-Chart-Show" on Viva Plus, a completely new broadcasting format with
a length of 150 seconds into the program. The range of
Mobile entertainment services will be developed jointly by the two companies.
further developed. For this reason, Jamba is providing MTV Networks
developed ringtones, wallpapers, fun sounds and mobile games.
Both sides appear to be satisfied with the agreed cooperation.
"Jamba is the global market leader in the field of mobile
Entertainment of exceptionally high relevance for the target group
of MTV and Viva," explained Alexander Duphorn, member of the
MTV management. 

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