New TV magazines in a price war

TiptopTV hit the newsstands last Thursday for 3 francs. The next issue is likely to be cheaper.

For 3 francs, the new
program guide TiptopTV hit the newsstands last Thursday. The
The next issue in two weeks' time should already be cheaper. Because the
Ringier Verlag is apparently launching its competitor TV2 with a
retail price of 2.40 francs, as TiptopTV publisher Michael Hahn
from the kiosk operator Valora.
"We will certainly not let Ringier have the price advantage," explains
Hahn told Werbewoche. He is actually an enemy of
Prize fights. From Germany, where he ran the magazine Nur TV until the beginning of 2005
but he already has experience with it: "Bauer Verlag is a publisher that is
not squeamish about that either." In Switzerland, the
magazine prices, Hahn believes there is still room for improvement.
TiptopTV currently has 40,000 copies on newsstands. To make its
HM Verlag is sending out reading samples to bring the magazine to the people.
via PromoPost to around 1.5 million households. This was followed in October by
possibly a TV campaign, Hahn hints.
Stefano Monachesi

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