"Efficiency must increase"

Editor-in-chief Peter Hartmeier on the need for growth and quality assurance for the Tagi.

Editor-in-chief Peter Hartmeier on the pressure to grow and quality assurance for the Tages-Anzeiger Does the placement of domestic politics before foreign politics and the cutbacks in the culture section mean that the Tages-Anzeiger is being downgraded to a Zurich regional newspaper?
On the contrary! Our package of measures does not devalue Switzerland's largest subscription newspaper, but rather enhances it, both in the market and internally. The editorial team and publisher are much more unsettled by years of circulation losses than by broad-based strategic decisions. This trend is gnawing away at self-confidence just as much as at turnover.
The communiqué on the structural reform talks about "further development" and "growth" instead of savings.
Such whitewashing only costs further goodwill, both internally and externally.
Why? The budget was drawn up in line with the new concept and not the other way around. The new prioritization should and must be in line with the
Tagi must bring growth. There is no other way to finance the kind of quality journalism that we want and that Zurich needs in the long term. Even after the recession, advertising money alone will not be enough...
...which is why you are focusing entirely on regional expansion, which in addition to
income from the sale of the shell should also generate new subscriptions.
That's right. With its exclusive network of foreign correspondents, the largest editorial team in the Swiss parliament and the only daily science page, the Tagi produces the best Swiss newspaper. We can and must capitalize on this more in future - financially and journalistically.
Does this mean that the editorial team, which has been cut by 1,400 full-time equivalents, not only has to produce the same number of pages as before, but also better content? However, it seems almost more important to me that daily journalism can no longer avoid increasing efficiency. Other sectors are showing us how to achieve more with less.
Oliver Classen

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