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Publishers With new online offerings, advertisements are losing their passive existence and becoming interactive. This brings movement into the classic publisher-insert-reader triangle.

Publishers With new online offerings, advertisements are losing their passive existence and becoming interactive. This brings movement into the classic publisher-insert-reader triangular relationship. Swisspool customers will soon have the opportunity to place their half-page, full-page and double-page ads online on the websites of Swisspool partners for a week for an additional charge (see WW 39/03). The Tre-Top-Ticino combination in Ticino will also be offering something similar from December. In both cases, however, it is about more than just extending the lifespan of advertisements. The aim is to provide additional benefits for advertisers, readers and publishers alike.
One of the benefits for consumers is that they can still see the advertisements in the same layout as in the newspaper, even after they have already put the paper to waste. Thanks to a search function, they can also compare prices if another provider has advertised the same products. The product can also be added to a shopping list and printed out. Or you can alert colleagues to the promotion by e-mail. It is also possible to contact the supplier or go directly to their homepage. A search subscription can also be set up: Whenever the desired product - regardless of the supplier - appears in an advertisement, the consumer is automatically notified by e-mail.
The advantages for advertisers are therefore obvious: they receive valuable information about the value of their offers and the needs of their customers. For their part, publishers can provide their readers and customers with additional benefits in the commercial sector with interactive online advertisements. At the same time, they receive information on which products or brands are particularly popular with their readers. Data that can in turn be used to acquire advertisements.
The technical side of the new Swisspool and Tre Top Ticino service is managed by the Ticino company TicinOnline (TIO). TIO developed the system and is also responsible for daily processing. This does not involve any additional work for the individual publishers. TIO only requires the PDF version of each advertisement page, after which the advertisement is published within four to six hours.
But why is it not possible to buy directly from the online listings? "Technically, this is possible without any problems," says TIO Director Gianni Giorgetti. But for the time being they have decided against it because the advertisers are not so advanced in terms of logistics. Offers for SMS or MMS have also already been developed. Likewise the possibility of placing and linking not only large advertisements, but all the advertisements of a title online.
Daily e-paper editions
Giorgetti knows what he is talking about. After all, TIO not only places advertisements online, but also entire newspapers - so-called
E-paper. And this on a daily basis. TIO can also link the e-paper advertisements, but does not currently do this to the same extent as with the
Swisspool online advertisements. TIO's e-paper customers include La Regione Ticino, Giornale del Popolo, Corriere del Ticino, 20 Minuten, Cash, Coop-Zeitung, Cooperazione and Azione, the Italian-language bridge-builder edition.
With the award of the Swisspool contract, TIO now seems to have definitely made the breakthrough. Further projects are in the pipeline: TIO is also realizing the Tages-Anzeiger e-paper, which will be launched soon. There is at least an option for SonntagsZeitung and Facts. "We chose the TIO solution because it gives us leeway in various respects, other projects have already been realized with TIO and because the solution is established in the market," says Tamedia spokeswoman Franziska Hügli, explaining the choice. In addition, numerous other publishers have TIO offers on the table.
TIO has been in existence since 1997 and is an independent and self-supporting online business unit of the newspapers La Regione Ticino, Giornale del Popolo and Corriere del Ticino. PubliGroupe and CEO Gianni Giorgetti also hold around a quarter and ten percent respectively. The TIO roots and
Giorgetti sees the composition of the shareholder base as an advantage: "The publishers don't see us as competitors, because from the very beginning we tried to generate additional benefits for them in the online sector. In addition, we know both the publishers' side and - via PubliGroupe - the advertising customers' side. We can therefore tailor our software and offerings precisely to their needs."
Many other providersThe fact that linked online advertisements provide additional benefits or are used by
readers are not believed everywhere. So such
functions at NZZ Global, the e-paper website launched in March.
version of the "Old Aunt", not planned, as project manager
Christoph Bauer explains. Incidentally, the NZZ works with the
Austrian company Comian. There are other providers in the e-paper and online advertising sector, such as the US company Newsstand, with which Blick and Basler Zeitung work together, as well as ADP Promotion in Zurich, which represents the Print2Web system and is in talks with various publishers. Snap and Digital Collection, both based in
Hamburg, Olive Software from Denver and Previon in Zofingen/Zurich are also bidding. The Aargauer Zeitung, for example, has obtained offers for its e-paper project from almost all of these providers. (mk)
"Publishers should step on the gas "Andreas Gedenk, co-owner of the media agency BG Media/
Optimedia AG, welcomes the possibility of placing print advertisements online and linking them to the provider. At the beginning of this year, he also campaigned for this with various publishers - although he promoted a different system to that of TIO. After the negative
He backed out of the Swisspool decision, but stood by his opinion: "The additional benefit of this form of advertising has potential, and the extra charge can be explained to customers. That's why publishers should step on the gas. If they had acted faster, they could have made money this year," he says. (mk)
Stay online longer than the newspaper is current: interactive online ads.
TIO Director Gianni Giorgetti: "Our software can be customized to suit your needs."
Markus Knöpfli

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