The consumerist workers

This materialistic lower class is oriented towards the consumption standards of the middle class and often feels socially declassed.

This materialistically influenced lower class is oriented towards the consumption standards of the middle class and often feels socially declassed.this milieu represents the materialistically influenced lower class. Its representatives often live in precarious social and financial circumstances. The consumer-oriented workers seem to be engaged in a constant struggle against social declassification, as they can only differentiate themselves from social outsiders. They cope with this unpleasant situation by trying to adapt to the consumption standards of the middle class, at least outwardly. This in turn means that consumer-oriented workers often live beyond their means. Because people feel that they cannot influence their own fate, they like to blame others or "society" itself for their misery. This is why any additional change in circumstances, for example through
modernization processes or social change, are also seen as a further threat to their own security.
Consumption-oriented workers try to escape their everyday lives as often as possible. They seek distraction by socializing with like-minded people, often by going to a pub or a sporting event. Television is also a popular way of distracting themselves from their unsatisfactory living conditions. Otherwise, people go hiking, for example.
This segment accounts for around eight percent of Switzerland's consumption potential*, with a regional focus on Ticino (ten percent of respondents) and French-speaking Switzerland (13 percent). The target group of consumption-oriented workers covers a broad age spectrum between 30 and 60 years. The milieu is predominantly male (58%); it also includes many single parents. In a comparison of milieus, this group also has the highest proportion of divorced people. Around two thirds of consumer-oriented workers live in households with one or two people. As a rule, members of this milieu have basic or intermediate educational qualifications and are employed as skilled or unskilled workers or simple employees. The main income in this milieu is less than CHF 2,500 net per month.

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