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Private TV The Kanal 1 TV group owned by Austrian brothers Erwin and Hanno Soravia is growing. Their Swiss managing director, Thomas Sadecky, is at the forefront.

Private TV The Kanal 1 TV Group, owned by Austrian brothers Erwin and Hanno Soravia, is growing. Their Swiss managing director, Thomas Sadecky, is at the forefront of this growth. Last year, the Kanal 1 TV group acquired stakes in the "metropolitan area" stations TV München and TV Berlin. It also bought the TV 3 studio in Schlieren and commissioned former Moneycab business editor Thomas Sadecky to found two companies: Kanal 1 TV AG and U1 TV Programm AG, each with share capital (AK) of CHF 100,000. Sadecky, who has headed the investment company TST Qualitäts-Aktien-Investor AG (share capital: CHF 2.2 million) since 1999, holds "a small percentage" in the newly founded companies, as he says, but not in TST. Nevertheless, he is the only authorized signatory in each case.
Sadecky is also working on the license application for the U1 TV station. A first
He had to improve his application at the behest of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM): Swiss investors were missing. Since February, Sadecky has been regularly talking about presenting the investors "soon". So far, however, only
one well-known: the ex-tennis ace
Jakob Hlasek. On April 25, Sadecky announced the investor presentation "within the next 14 days". He also maintained that U1 would be launched in September.
How Sadecky manages his two employees and the purchase of
old Metropol boxes for a planned daily free TV program guide has not yet been disclosed. In any case, the AK of his two companies is unlikely to be sufficient for this. Not only that: Sadecky already acquired a good 10 percent stake in the listed Webfreetv.com Multimedia Dienstleistungs AG in Vienna last summer via U1 Programm TV AG. Webfreetv.com has an AK of 4.56 million euros (as of May 2001)! According to the Austrian press, the Soravia brothers have confirmed that this was only possible thanks to subsidies from them. Nevertheless, why are the Soravias weaving their network of shareholdings via Switzerland? And how are the investments accounted for? That is "not interesting", Sadecky told Werbewoche.
On the other hand, Sadecky justifies the investment in Internet TV pioneer Webfreetv.com, where he has been a member of the Supervisory Board since September, as follows: "Perhaps we could use Webfreetv.com one day." In any case, they are currently talking about joint projects at TV München and TV Berlin.
At Webfreetv.com, Sadecky made the acquaintance of Michael Lielacher, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He is one of the founders of the financial information and communications service provider Bluebull AG in St.Gallen, where he is also Chairman of the Board. Like U1, Bluebull has held a good 10 percent stake in Webfreetv.com since May 2001. In February 2003, Lielacher appointed Sadecky to the three-member Bluebull Board of Directors, which now also includes Nicolas Berg, co-founder of Borsalino.ch. Sadecky said that he sits on the Bluebull Board as a private individual and has no personal stake in the St.Gallen-based company, neither via U1 or TST.
However, the Bluebull-Webfreetv.com-U1 investment triangle and the dual Lielacher/Sadecky connection suggest that Bluebull could be one of U1's future investors. Two other things make this even more likely: Whenever Bluebull AG (AK: 100,000 francs), founded in March 2000, has wanted to make investments, it has seemingly effortlessly found (mostly) unnamed investors - most recently at the beginning of the year, when it had its AK increased by 0.5 million francs to 6.5 million francs in order to take over a loss-making call center in Linz (A).
In addition, Bluebull changed its articles of association at the same time as Sadecky joined the Board of Directors. Previously, the purpose was "Operation of
Financial portals as a platform for providers of financial services", with the new addition of "Operation of an electronic issuing house, handling of telephone customer services and sales hotlines, maintenance of a multimedia information and shopping center, particularly on the Internet". These additions are justified by the call center purchase. But what does "electronic emission house" mean? Could this mean a stake in a TV station? Sadecky's answer is vehement: "That is not possible and will not be."
Thomas Sadecky participates in the Viennese Webfreetv.com for the Austrian Kanal-1-TV

Thomas SadeckyBorn in 1951, Thomas Sadecky graduated from the University of St.Gallen and then joined Unilever. After studying at the University of Berkeley, Thomas Sadecky played a key role in developing a new tennis and sports collection for the Bally shoe group.
Michael Lielacher Austrian citizen (photo), is the only one of the original three company founders still on the Board of Directors of Bluebull AG. In December 2000, he was appointed CEO of Webfreetv.com, where he took over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board in spring 2002. Throughout this time he remained
but Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bluebull. (mk)
Markus Knöpfli

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