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Customer Newspapers The Coop newspaper has overtaken the bridge builder. The Migros paper is responding with more marketing and a relaunch.

Customer Newspapers The Coop newspaper has overtaken the bridge builder. With a circulation of over two million copies, the customer magazines of Coop and Migros are the largest newspapers in Switzerland. The two major distributors are in a neck-and-neck race. Since the Wemf certification in 2002, the Coop newspaper has been ahead: it increased its circulation (German, French and Italian) by three percent to 2129160 copies. Although the Migros titles Brückenbauer, Construire and Azione also recorded growth (0.6 percent), they fell behind their competitors with 2116005 copies, having already suffered a drop of 0.1 percent in the previous year.Even if the difference is only 13155 copies or just 0.6 percent - together with a drop in net reach of 1.1 percentage points, there is a need for action for Brückenbauer and Construire. The publishing house Limmatdruck had already reacted before the Wemf certification. At the beginning of the year, a central position was created for Brückenbauer's marketing. Previously, the tasks were distributed among the advertising management, the publishing manager and the corporate communications department of Limmatdruck. Jrene Shirazi now holds all the strings of marketing. Shirazi was most recently publishing manager of the Migros cooking magazine Saison-Küche and before that worked at Tamedia as project manager for Annabelle, among other things.
Bridge aid for car brandsIn addition to intensified marketing by the publisher, the Migros regional companies and the Cumulus bonus program, a redesign is also intended to make Brückenbauer and Construire and Azione attractive to new subscribers. The project was launched at the end of last year. Monica Glisenti, Head of Corporate Communications at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, is responsible. Details about the new concept and appearance were not yet available. The launch is scheduled for early 2004.
While efforts seem to be necessary to counter stagnation on the reader market, the bridge builder, on the other hand, reports successes on the advertising market.
The volume of advertising sold has increased significantly over the past three years. According to publishing director Jean-Pierre Pfister, about half of the total costs of 100 million Swiss francs for Brückenbauer, Construire and Azione are financed by advertisements. According to Factum, clients such as brand manufacturers and car importers, who were hardly represented in Brückenbauer just a few years ago, are also booking more frequently. However, the Migros paper continues to refrain from advertising alcohol and tobacco. Advertisements for branded articles that Migros does not sell are also not acquired.
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