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TV marketer Ingrid Deltenre, still head of Publisuisse, is attracting a lot of attention in her role as future TV director. But when it comes to her successor at the SRG marketer, industry representatives frown.

TV marketer Ingrid Deltenre, still head of Publisuisse, is attracting a lot of attention in her role as future TV director. But when it comes to her successor at the SRG marketer, industry representatives frown.Opinions on Ingrid Deltenre's suitability as the new head of television are unanimous and expectant in a way rarely heard in the industry. The designated SF DRS director has brought a breath of fresh air to the dusty Publisuisse. Now she is expected to have a similar effect on SF DRS. "Karin Steiner (Drei Media Team AG) is convinced that "Deltenre's spirit will be good for Swiss television, which is still half a state-owned enterprise. The new boss at Leutschenbach is a talented leader and knows how to motivate people. "And she has stamina and gets stuck into the tasks until she comes up with solutions," adds Peter Döbeli (Konnex AG). He also gives her credit for having definitively eliminated "the monopoly and power struggle" - the remnants of the former AG for advertising television.
Vacuum at Publisuisse?but alongside the anticipation of a positive boost at SF DRS, concerned voices are also being heard about the succession plan at Publisuisse. "Deltenre leaves a vacuum - we will miss her open way of approaching issues and needs," says Karin Steiner. This openness towards market partners is one of the most important things expected from the new management.
Now the successor must be found quickly. Peter Schellenberg is still TV director until December 31, 2003. But Deltenre will move to SF DRS as early as this fall - and from then on will only be available to Publisuisse at half strength.
However, the succession planning process is still in its infancy. Publisuisse does not even have any forecasts as to whether an external or internal solution would be preferred. In the next few days or weeks, the board of directors will meet and determine the procedure for the election, he said. "It usually takes three or four months to find a candidate," Deltenre explains. Adding in the notice period of the chosen one or two, the handover could therefore take place in October or November at the earliest.
But one thing is already certain: Ingrid Deltenre will remain with Publisuisse. According to SRG practice, the three TV directors of SF DRS, TSR and TSI are all also members of the Publisuisse Board of Directors (BoD). Peter Schellenberg has even been its Chairman since summer 2001. The shareholder of Publisuisse, i.e. SRG SSR idée suisse, is responsible for the election of the BoD.
However, Deltenre is not particularly comfortable with the idea of taking over Schellenberg's presidential job. This would make her the direct superior of the new Publisuisse management. Which would result in a strange constellation, as Deltenre herself admits. "That would certainly not be optimal. Because the new person will want to do certain things differently than I do, and that has to be possible." In general, the question of what role she will one day play on the Publisuisse board is not urgent. Schellenberg's term as Chairman of the Board will not end until June 2004. In all probability, he will remain in office until then.
Will only be able to manage the fortunes of Publisuisse on a part-time basis from the fall: the newly elected TV director Ingrid Deltenre.

On the Publisuisse Board until 2004: Peter Schellenberg.
The Publisuisse crew is still waitingWhen the boss leaves, other employees usually ask themselves about their own future under the expected new conditions. What is the mood in the Publisuisse team in this regard?
Publisuisse team now that the days with the popular boss are numbered? "So far, I haven't noticed any uncertainty among the employees.
We have not felt the change," says Markus Hollenstein, Publisuisse's head of communications. "You wait to see what line the new person will be on and what mood that person will bring. Only then will you consider any consequences." And Hollenstein himself, who has expanded Publisuisse communications and put it on a new footing: Will he stay or is he getting ready to make the jump? "If the chemistry is right, then the work will also be fun with the new person." (dse)
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