On the trail of bargain hunters with WEMF data

At the Swiss Media Research Day 2023, Wemf researchers Anna Müller and Maria Isabel Koch revealed how WEMF data supports the planning of successful Black Friday campaigns. Werbewoche.ch met the two researchers for a video talk afterwards.

Anna Müller, Project Manager MACH Consumer and Maria-Isabel Koch, Project Manager MACH Values, presented an interesting Black Friday case where they used data to develop a comprehensive campaign. The potential analysis started with MACH Consumer, which made it possible to easily analyze characteristics and behaviors. During the target group analysis, they discovered that the focus was primarily on a younger audience under the age of 40 with great interest and price sensitivity.

The target group was found to be hedonistic, consumerist, well-informed about products and tech-savvy. The media strategy focused on personalized approaches, with online and stationary retail playing an important role in the electronics sector. The use of social media, video streaming, television streaming and out-of-home media was emphasized to reach a mobile target group. Print titles and local radio stations were also relevant despite the online affinity of the target group.

The advertising campaign was to contain playful elements that would appeal to the target group, which had a high affinity for games of chance. The presentation of discount codes in scratch cards and the integration of wheel of fortune apps were possible approaches. The data provided insights into the target group's behavior and enabled a targeted approach.

Werbewoche editor Beat Hürlimann concluded by asking whether the existing tools were being used sufficiently. Maria-Isabelle Koch emphasized that access to the information provided is high, but that there is always potential for further use, especially by advertising clients who may not yet have recognized the full potential of the power studies.

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