Make strategy new with podcasts and email marketing

On Thursday, Wemf published this year's edition of the Mach Strategy intermedia study with various new features. Podcasts and four different forms of email marketing can now be analyzed.

Affinity to podcasts by gender and age. (Graphic Wemf MACH Strategy)

The aim of Mach Strategy is to map all relevant media types in the analog and digital sectors. The two new media categories of podcasts and e-mail marketing complement the inter-media comparison in the digital sector.

Podcasts particularly popular with young people

Since the coronavirus pandemic at the latest, the range of podcasts has been steadily expanding and a wide variety of formats are reaching their listeners. In addition to streaming groups in the audio sector, the use of podcasts can now also be analyzed in Mach Strategy. While the digital market is otherwise dominated by images, podcasts often position themselves with a broad audience through longer formats.

Overall, podcasts reach around 11.9% of the Swiss population on a regular basis. People aged 14 to 34 in particular state that they listen to podcasts at least several times a week. These people have a high level of education and have a high affinity for using audio contributions as a source of information for vacations, entertainment electronics or further education.

Newsletter as a source of information

Email marketing offers the possibility of personalized communication of information and advertising to individuals or groups of people. Mach Strategy now collects the four forms of business emails, newsletters from media offers, newsletters with offers or promotional emails and advertisements.

The two newsletter forms in particular are regularly followed by at least half of the over 35s in their age group. This genre can also be compared as a source of information for different product categories. Accordingly, addressed advertising emails about clothes and shoes attract the most attention among users of both newsletters from media offers and newsletters with offers.

Diverse intermedia comparison

As a tool for strategic planning, Mach Strategy enables a targeted analysis and implementation of the optimal media mix of press, cinema, TV, radio, web offerings, social media, streaming (audio / video), podcasts, out-of-home, DOOH, digital signage, public transportation, direct mail and e-mail marketing.

The Mach Strategy 2023 was published on Thursday with the innovations mentioned above. These are part of the Intermedia Study and can be analyzed using the established Wemf data portal. The Mach Strategy Upgrade Social Media can be purchased for an additional charge.

Another new feature concerns the definition of the population of the Mach universe. This has been adjusted slightly. Since the autumn 2023 publication, this has included the population group of non-linguistically assimilated persons. The purpose of this adjustment is to harmonize the Mach universe with that of other Swiss currency studies, making the inter-media comparison simpler and fairer.

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