That was the Swiss Media Research Day 2023

On Thursday, the Swiss Media Research Day of the WEMF AG for Advertising Media Research took place. Around 150 people from the advertising and media industry met at the Metropol restaurant in Zurich. This year, everything revolved around the WEMF data universe. went on a voice hunt.

After a brief welcome from CEO Jella Hoffmann and Chairman of the Board of Directors Marcel Kohler, we got right to work on the basis of the WEMF universe: circulation certification and the MACH research system. With the circulation certification, WEMF provides the official circulation figures of the Swiss press - for print, e-paper and now also digital paid content. In the MACH research system, data from the MACH Basic currency study is combined with the other WEMF studies on consumer behavior, attitudes, psychographics and intermedia use. Media Auditor Frédéric Amschler and Research Manager Finn Stein gave an entertaining tour of this foundation of WEMF's range of services.

The journey continued with a brand new offering. Marc Sele, Executive Director of Data and Tools and Nicole Ammann, Product Manager Statistics and Tools presented the "Better Prediction Initiative". The initiative focuses on transparency and quality in online targeting and is highly welcomed by both associations SWA and LSA. The first product of the initiative is the "Prediction Accuracy Check". It validates the accuracy of online targeting predictions with the help of WEMF's independent and representative data. As a pilot partner and first customer of this offering, Goldbach presented their results on stage right away. Thomas Plattner, Director Agency Sales / Dep. Managing Director, Goldbach, spoke about the benefits of the initiative for the market and about their concrete learnings.

Insight into the tools

This was followed by an insight into the tools that WEMF makes available to the media and advertising market. These enable detailed evaluations, the creation of statistics or the management of complete allmedia campaigns. Roger Lang, Senior Product Consultant at WEMF, and his guest, Thorsten Schoen, CEO of mmb media agentur ag, led the program. mmb media agentur ag is the first customer of WEMF's new Agency.OS tool. Schoen reported exclusively on the first experiences and future work with the management tool for allmedia campaigns.

The audience was then divided into two breakout sessions. In the session on the advertising market, Marie-Ange Pittet, Director of Product Management at WEMF, and Michael Selz, Managing Partner Insights & Strategy at Omnicom Media Group Switzerland, presented a fictitious case. With the help of WEMF data, a media plan was created to launch a special and anything but fictitious glacé from French-speaking Switzerland in German-speaking Switzerland. In the session on the media market, Beat Rechsteiner, CEO Meier + Cie AG and publishing director Schaffhauser Nachrichten, told of how a small media house deals with WEMF data. Together with Roland Gauglhofer, Project Manager at WEMF, he discussed what added value the WEMF data offer and where he still sees potential.

Back in the big hall, a surprise awaited the audience: they were literally drummed up again by the professional percussion group Stickstoff from Basel. This was followed by the last item on the program in the form of relevant target group insights presented by the two Project Managers Maria-Isabel Koch and Anna Müller. They showed how consumption and media usage data can be used in practice and gave concrete tips for describing a target group more precisely and determining the optimal media mix.

Thanks to its broad and diversified offering and various concrete practical examples, WEMF was able to impressively demonstrate the importance of transparency and reliable data for the media and advertising market. After the end of the event, an Apéro Riche including ice cream specially delivered from the French-speaking part of Switzerland awaited the participants at the Metropol restaurant, which was used for networking and exchanging experiences.

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