Wemf: A quarter of Swiss people consciously eat less meat

Meat is out: An evaluation by MACH Consumer shows that more and more people are turning to substitute products - even those who are not vegetarians.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are in vogue. But what is the actual situation among Swiss consumers? Who is prepared to give up meat and who eats plant-based substitute products? The current issue of MACH Consumer takes up this trendy topic and provides even more detailed figures on alternative diets.

The figures show that 5 percent of the Swiss population say they eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. 70 percent of vegetarians or vegans are female, and these diets are particularly popular among 14- to 29-year-olds. Vegetarians often live in urban areas. The MACH Values psychographic study also shows that the following two value types are most likely to be vegetarian or vegan: the politically committed, unconventional "cosmopolitans" and the creative, environmentally friendly "creators.

Plant-based substitute products - a niche market?

The MACH Consumer study now also asks about the consumption of plant-based substitute products in the product categories meat, milk, yogurt/quark and cheese. The figures show that 21 percent of the Swiss population consume a product from one or more of these categories at least once a week. It is striking that the majority of this consumption group are not vegetarians or vegans (16 %), but people who eat meat regularly (42 %) or occasionally (42 %). This shows that the growing range of plant-based substitute products is also used to a large extent by people beyond the original niche.

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