Music streaming: Preferably free of charge

Music streaming platforms continue to enjoy great popularity in Switzerland - but willingness to pay remains at a low level. Music is streamed on YouTube in particular.

Image: Elice Moore on Unsplash.

71 percent of Swiss people use at least one platform specializing in music streaming. This is the result of the current streaming study by, which was conducted in the form of a representative survey of 1,538 people. This means that the proportion of those who use at least one music streaming service has remained roughly stable compared to the 2022 study.

All music streaming services are beaten by the video platform YouTube, which 73 percent of Swiss people use to listen to music. However, only 22 percent use the Youtube Music Premium service, which specializes in music streaming. This puts the service in third place in a comparison of music streaming platforms. 52 percent use Spotify in this country. This makes the Swedish platform the most-used service that specializes exclusively in music streaming.

Apple Music, which is used by 25 percent of the Swiss, ranks second among music streaming services by a wide margin. This is followed by the smaller offerings Soundcloud 20 percent), Amazon Music 17 percent), Deezer 16 percent), Tidal 13 percent) and Napster 13 percent).

Of the 1538 respondents, only 39 percent said they paid to use music streaming platforms. 25 percent of all respondents said they pay for Spotify. However, only just under half of all users of the Swedish streaming platform spend money on their service. The rest either switch to a free version or use someone else's login. Other platforms have an even lower proportion of paying customers.

By comparison, the proportion of paying users at Netflix is over 65 percent.

The Streaming Study 2023 is based on a representative survey conducted by the market research institute Ipsos on behalf of in April 2023.

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