Zeam and Link: Generation Future Study Series

The Generation Z agency Zeam and the market research company Link are jointly conducting their representative study on Generation Z in Switzerland and Germany for the second time. The intention is to create a recurring study.

Back from left: Jo Dietrich (Co-Founder Zeam), Dr. Martin Bettschart (Senior Research Consultant Link), Dr. Johannes Orlowski (Senior Research Consultant Link). Front from left: Yaël Meier (Co-Founder Zeam), Michelle Müller (Head of Consulting Zeam).

In the past year Zeam and Link conducted a large representative study of young Generation Z in Switzerland for the first time (advertisingweek.ch reported) and are now relaunching their collaboration. According to the companies, the cooperation will result in a recurring study, which will be called the "Generation Future Study".

This year's study focuses on all questions in the area of People & Culture relating to the young generation. Together, Zeam, Link and YouGov want to shed more light on the actual needs and demands of young employees today and how companies can successfully attract and work with young talent.

Current data from the federal government show that for the first time this year there are more representatives of Generation Z on the labor market than the once dominant baby boomer generation. At the same time, the young generation has many new expectations and demands of employers, which is a constant source of discussion.

2'000 respondents

The new study builds on the findings of the first study and expands on them. For example, the first study found that the working atmosphere is the most important factor for young people in determining the attractiveness of an employer - this year's study surveys what this specifically includes. In addition, topics are surveyed that are widely discussed in society in the context of young people as employees, such as factors for choosing a job or preferred forms of application.

The study is sponsored by Swissstaffing, the Swiss employers' association for personnel service providers. Around 2,000 Generation Z respondents in Switzerland (all language regions) and Germany will be surveyed. Excerpts of the study results are expected to be presented from August.

The study is again being conducted in Switzerland and Germany. In Germany, data collection is carried out by YouGov, an international online market research and analytics technology company of which LINK is a part.

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