Toblerone: Swissness goes with the Matterhorn

Toblerone without the Matterhorn - what does that do in the minds of consumers, how does the new packaging affect the perception of Swissness? A study by Zutt & Partner has now investigated this.

Image: Peter Bromley; Unsplash; Zutt & Partners.

The Swiss cult chocolate Toblerone is moving its production to Slovakia - and is therefore no longer allowed to depict the Matterhorn on its packaging. In addition, it has to change the text from "Swiss Milk Chocolate ..." to "Established in Switzerland ...". Will it lose its Swissness?

Neuromarketing agency Zutt & Partner investigated this question in its Emo Comparr study. For this purpose, the emotions towards the old as well as the new Toblerone packaging were examined - and then again compared with Swissness emotions. The result on the emotional map clearly shows: The new packaging pulls away from the Swissness pin and triggers significantly fewer Swissness emotions. Thus, it differs not only visually, but also in its effect on the customer brain. Without the Matterhorn, an important connection to Switzerland is missing.

In addition to the emotions of Swiss consumers, the minds of German consumers were also picked up. The outcome: The emotional impact of the Toblerone packaging changes both in Switzerland and in Germany, whereby the domestic consumer brain misses the Matterhorn only slightly more than that of the German clientele. A possible and also already discussed assumption that the emotional loss of the Matterhorn is of great emotional importance exclusively for Mr. and Mrs. Swiss is thus refuted.

The new Toblerone packaging has received a general facelift and is now designed differently on all sides. While the front shows a slightly changed Toblerone lettering with a generic mountain, the chocolate itself is visible on the back. The side features the old Toblerone lettering - a tribute to the original logo from 1899.

Are these packaging design efforts worth it?

Yes, as this study shows. Because both the chocolate corner shown and, in particular, the side view (with the time-honored logo) pull in the direction of Swissness emotions. The old lettering thus seems to trigger valuable associations with Switzerland in the customer's brain. However, these measures do not succeed in replacing the strong Swissness effect of the mighty and iconic Matterhorn.



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