Reputation ranking: Migros at the top again

After being ousted from the throne by Victorinox last year, Migros once again leads the GfK Business Reflector. It is followed by Victorinox and Zweifel.

Migros leads the Swiss Reputation Ranking again this year, after being pushed down to second place by Victorinox last year. Dr. Anja Reimer of GfK Switzerland explains Migros' success: "Migros is the company with which the Swiss population can identify most strongly, and which achieves top scores in terms of socio-moral reputation. Here, Migros is more than four percentage points ahead of the next best company."

Young people in particular identify with Migros

Migros owes its top position primarily to younger people under 30. They rate Migros significantly better than the older population group. "The topic of sustainability is very important to young consumers. They care about the environment and the climate. Migros is strongly committed to these areas," says Martin Nellen, Head of Communications & Media. "I'm pleased that we are obviously also succeeding in communicating this broad commitment in a way that is credible and appropriate to the target group."

Image: GfK.

Victorinox follows with a slight gap in second place. Victorinox holds its own in particular with regard to the rational dimension and is regarded as the absolute top company in its market, offering better products and services than other companies.

As in the previous year, Zweifel is in third place. Ricola, Lindt & Sprüngli and Geberit remain unchanged in fourth to sixth place. In 7th place is Coop, which moved up four places. Logitech also improved its ranking and now occupies 8th place. Rivella and SBB follow in 9th and 10th place.

Non-profit organizations: Here Rega leads

Among the non-profit organizations, Swiss Air-Rescue Rega leads the ranking for the sixth year in a row, followed by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and Doctors Without Borders, which moved up one place.


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