Study: 500 francs for toys

The Swiss are more generous than ever this Christmas - but there is still a trend toward consumer restraint, according to a recent survey by GfK.

Image: Freestocks / Unsplash

In a recent study, GfK examined this year's Christmas consumer behavior. When it comes to gifts for toys, the Swiss plan to spend an average of CHF 500. Nevertheless, there is a discernible trend toward cutting back on consumption. Overall, 42 percent of respondents plan to spend less on gifts than in other years. A certain trend toward cutting back on consumption is discernible, but this does not apply equally to all Swiss people. Many, especially those who can afford it, will spend the holidays in the same or similar way as in other years.

However, people on low incomes in particular are watching their Christmas budgets: 37 percent want to eat out less in the run-up to Christmas or during the holidays, and 33 percent are trying to save on Christmas dinner at home. About the same number want to forgo sports activities such as skiing during or after the holidays, or do so less frequently than in other years. Just under 20 percent are also considering giving used, i.e. second-hand, products as gifts this year - this seems to be a trend among younger people in particular - here it is a good third.

The annual increase in spending on toys, which reached a record 500 Swiss francs this year, contradicts general plans to save money. Yet 67 percent of people shop online and in-store. The proportion of consumers who prefer to buy gifts for toys online has fallen year-on-year to 10 percent (2021: 12 percent), as has the proportion who only buy stationary in stores (2022: 23 percent, 2021: 26 percent).


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