Christmas survey by Bring! and Profital: More price-conscious this year

In view of inflation and rising prices, offers and promotions are playing a central role in Christmas shopping this year, a survey shows.

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Price increases in all areas, rapidly rising energy costs, inflation: German and Swiss consumers are finding their wallets tighter. This is also evident when it comes to Christmas - both when it comes to buying presents and planning Christmas dinner. The motto here this year is: not less, but more price-conscious. This is the result of a survey among users of the apps Bring! and Profital, in which more than 7,500 users took part.

As a result, gift-givers in both countries pay attention to value for money: 60 percent of those surveyed said that promotions and offers play a significant role when buying their Christmas gifts - possibly a consequence of the rising cost of living. Gifts are still given: only 7 percent do not buy any Christmas presents at all. The most popular Christmas gifts this year are once again dominated by the classics: number one is books and games (65 percent), followed by clothing (45 percent), electronics (41 percent) and cosmetics (37 percent).

In November is bought

61 percent of respondents start buying their Christmas gifts in November at the latest. When it comes to gift-giving, there are differences between Germans and Swiss: Germans give more people presents - 8.6 on average compared with 8.0 - while the Swiss give more expensive gifts: while consumers in the Alpine country spend an average of 143 Swiss francs (144 euros) per Christmas present, the figure in Germany is significantly less than half that: 55 euros (54 Swiss francs).

Early planning is also important to many when it comes to Christmas dinner: A quarter of consumers (25 percent) have already planned their festive meal at the beginning of December, and more than half (53 percent) are ready by the middle of the Christmas month. However, the food is of course fresh: two thirds (66 percent) buy the ingredients a few days before the festivities at the earliest. Recipes are the number one source of inspiration (59 percent), but recommendations from friends and family are also trusted (34 percent).

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