Benefits of 5G have not arrived: Customer retention in the telecommunications industry is becoming more difficult

A global survey by Salesforce has identified current industry trends and customer needs in telecommunications: It shows that trust customer satisfaction is currently very low.

A worldwide survey by Salesforce has identified the current industry trends and customer needs in telecommunications. From the current Trends in Communications Report 2022  for example, shows that trust and customer satisfaction are currently at a very low level.

Customer loyalty is proving to be a major challenge in this industry. Half of the respondents even believe they will receive better service if they threaten to switch providers.

The current debate about the 5G rollout in this country as well as recurring service failures in a short period of time underpin the underlying skepticism about the industry. The traditional companies are now called upon to respond better to customer needs and to regain trust with transparent communication.

 5G benefits have not reached customers

New technologies such as 5G offer opportunities for providers, but the benefits have yet to be seen by potential customers. Fifty-three percent of respondents do not know that 5G provides better Internet coverage for underserved communities, and about three-quarters of respondents are unaware of the opportunities for real-time control of remote devices or the resulting benefits for the Internet of Things.

However, when detailing the benefits associated with 5G technology, more than two-thirds (67 percent) of respondents would be willing to pay more for it.

Discrepancy between self-perception and customer satisfaction

90 percent of employees at telecommunications providers believe that their company facilitates communication and solves customer cases faster than before thanks to digitized processes. But it's a different story on the customer side: Customers want more - especially when it comes to their online experience. Only 22 percent rate the tools and options for independent account management as excellent, and 40 percent are dissatisfied with their current provider.

However, it's not just the digital experience that counts, as personal customer service can be a key differentiator. Although 51 percent of customers said they preferred to do business online, 64 percent visited and used the provider's website. However, 40 percent of customers also visited the store during the same period. One-third of respondents (35 percent) preferred a hybrid service. However, only 25 percent of customers said in-store staff were knowledgeable, and only 23 percent said they received efficient service.

The detailed study

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