Consumer behaviour survey: Saving this Christmas

Around a quarter of consumers want to spend less on Christmas this year than last year and 15 percent don't want to give anything at all. This is the result of a new representative survey by the Zurich-based online market research institute Switzerland.


In the survey, which was carried out in October, 1,000 people from German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland between the ages of 14 and 65 provided information on, among other things, where they would like to buy presents this year and how much they would like to spend.


A quarter want to spend less, every seventh nothing at all 

The majority of respondents plan to spend the same amount on gifts as last year (70%). However, a remarkable 24 percent say they plan to spend less this year. Only 6 percent want to spend more. 

15 percent of respondents also said they did not want to give anything as a gift. In a comparable survey conducted by Switzerland three years ago, the proportion of those who did not want to give anything as a gift was similarly high at 15.5 percent. 


Gifts are (mainly) bought in Switzerland 

The majority of what is spent on Christmas stays in Switzerland. When asked where they would like to buy their presents, 69 percent said they would buy them in shops in Switzerland and 44 percent said they would buy them in a Swiss online shop (multiple answers possible). 

Around a fifth of those surveyed also want to shop on foreign websites, there especially on Amazon. But only 14 percent plan to buy their gifts in stores across the border. 


Food and toys are favourite 

At the top of the shopping list are food and toys (32% and 29% respectively) and perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries (26%), followed by clothes, shoes and accessories (22%) and cash (21%).


Online: Men prefer Digitec, women Zalando 

First choice among online shops is (40%), followed by and (29% each), (27%) and (20%).

While women and men named with its full range of products similarly often, the picture is different for sister company, which specialises in electronics. 39 percent of men said they wanted to buy gifts here; among women, the figure is just half (19 percent). The order is reversed at around a third of women want to shop here; for men it was a quarter. Switzerland is a research institute specialising in quantitative and qualitative online market and opinion research and has an ISO certified survey panel in Switzerland with over 60,000 participants aged between 14 and 74 (as of November 2019).

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