Study shows: Swiss mobile customers are (still) loyal

The Swiss are still reluctant to switch mobile providers. But loyalty is gradually declining.


According to a survey by the comparison portal, over 60 percent of mobile customers in Switzerland have been with the same provider for more than five years. However, the number of consumers who leave the option of switching open is rising steadily. In this year's survey, for example, 34.1 percent of the 2,500 people surveyed said they preferred a subscription without a minimum contract period. In the last survey in 2017, this figure was 31.1 percent.

For 62.1 percent, a more interesting offer or dissatisfaction with the provider are reasons for switching. According to the respondents, fear of change, bureaucratic red tape and the advantages of combined offers are reasons not to switch.

The survey also shows that price is driving momentum in the mobile communications market. For example, the proportion of consumers who spend more than CHF 40 per month on their mobile communications has fallen from 70 to 67.2 percent in the space of a year. The number of mobile communications customers paying less than 40 francs per month has risen accordingly. (SDA)

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