Wirz designs the Zollikerberg world of health

Viewing people in their entirety and providing comprehensive help - that is the core of the Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster - Schweizerische Pflegerinnenschule. With a Group-wide communication strategy, new brand identity and new umbrella brand, Wirz is placing this attitude of the foundation at the center of its identity.

165 years ago, courageous women joined forces to professionalize care and improve the healthcare system. Today, the healthcare organization comprises over 1,600 employees in eight companies - including Zollikerberg Hospital.

Together with Wirz, the foundation launched a comprehensive project for the future. The aim was to make its identity more tangible both internally and externally and to position itself even more clearly. "Our human values combined with high-quality healthcare services set us apart in the market. We want to focus on these strengths and make them more visible to people," explains Regine Strittmatter, Director of the Foundation.

Value-oriented transformation

The agency developed the new image step by step together with the foundation and the companies. In the first phase, a group-wide communication strategy was developed based on the foundation's objectives. This was followed by the translation into a brand identity that focuses on values and attitude and enables a differentiating market positioning for all companies. This was followed by implementation and translation into specific tools and measures. The focus here was on the conception and development of the Group-wide website.

"The shared values are firmly anchored and drive this organization forward. We have used this strength to sharpen the profile and make it tangible. The new appearance inspires, creates closeness and opens up new perspectives for the future," says Pascal Künzli, Director Brand Consulting at Wirz.

Setting off into the future of healthcare

In order to communicate the wide range of services more clearly to people, the "Zollikerberg World of Health" was created in addition to the new website. It summarizes under one name what the foundation and its eight facilities do on a daily basis. The umbrella brand gets to the heart of the holistic approach to health and creates clarity and a sense of belonging. The umbrella brand also positions the world of health among potential employees and highlights the wide range of career opportunities.

With the Launch of the new website A decisive milestone was reached at the end of March 2024. Wirz supported the foundation in all project phases and provided strategic advice, creation and implementation in branding and communication. The result is a fundamentally enhanced image that creates more visibility and relevance and focuses on what is important at Gesundheitswelt Zollikerberg: being there for people - in every situation.

Responsible at Gesundheitswelt Zollikerberg: Lic. oec. HSG Katharina Kull-Benz (President of the Foundation Board), Dr. Regine Strittmatter (Foundation Director), Annika Perrozzi (Head of Communications & Marketing, Diakoniewerk Neumünster Foundation), Daniela Thier (Head of Marketing & Communications, Zollikerberg Hospital). Responsible at Wirz Group: Pascal Künzli, Timo Lorch, Ann-Iris Weinblum, Bastian Heer, Louise Chanton.

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