Rosarot introduces what Saicon is not

Too many people still don't know Saicon. The owner-managed real estate agency for Zurich would like to change that. That's why Saicon is working with the Rosarot agency on a fresh rebranding and a campaign that focuses on the company name.

Saicon has been selling and marketing real estate in Zurich since 2011, specializing professionally in apartment buildings. The team, led by Moreno Pinelli, has so far taken care of marketing independently. Now Saicon has decided to take the next step and reach a new level of awareness with the advertising expertise of Rosarot.

The Zurich agency was commissioned with the comprehensive redesign of the Saicon brand, starting with an in-depth target group analysis and strategic development through to branding and final implementation. The result of the new look is a tidy appearance that reflects Saicon's structure and care. The choice of a solid, timeless font with a strong character underlines Saicon's professionalism, while large headlines and the cheerful, fresh yellow emphasize the company's openness and accessibility.

Arouse curiosity with name associations

The campaign developed at the same time plays self-deprecatingly with the unfamiliarity of the name Saicon among the general public. The name Saicon is to be anchored in the minds of the target group through associations from outside the industry and their correct resolution, inviting potential customers to turn to Saicon for real estate matters.

Saicon's new brand identity is being implemented using various channels such as print posters, video ads, direct mailings, the revised website and increased online marketing measures such as SEO and SEA.

Responsible at Saicon: Moreno Pinelli (owner), Aline Pinelli (owner), Mara Schiavone (back office project manager). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer, Michael Schmidt (Creative Direction), Corinna Kost, Laura Weinhofer (Art Direction), Carmen Stähelin (Text, Concept), Noel Mühlberg, Claire Hulla (DTP), Bettina Walder (Consulting), Moreno Carroccia, Mauro Zoffoli (Performance, SEA, SEO).

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