Brand impetus for Kitzbühel: repositioning "like a fashion brand"

The agency is positioning the famous winter sports resort as a sporty luxury lifestyle brand in a comprehensive rebranding.

Kitzbühel is known worldwide as one of the most exclusive winter sports resorts in the Alps. Brandpulse has created a differentiating brand strategy for the iconic brand in a comprehensive rebranding with a new design and new brand experience, which should also appeal to younger target groups.

As a legendary sports town, the Tyrolean Alpine city combines tradition and lifestyle. The aim of the rebranding developed by Brandpulse was therefore a clear increase in attractiveness. Millennials, now the largest and most important group of tourists in the world, travel with a new value proposition: the focus is no longer on possessions, but on the desire for experiences ("Collect Moments, not Things").

"Your time is now"

Kitzbühel's parameter for success in order to be attractive to young target groups in line with the new brand strategy is therefore: the iconic brand must shed its prudence and become a modern sporty lifestyle luxury brand - but without losing its traditionally important elements such as the legendary Kitzbühel chamois and the color red. Brandpulse derived Kitzbühel's new message from these analysis findings, in line with the motto "Your time is now" - don't wait for tomorrow, live today.

The analysis of the competitive environment revealed that Alpine tourist resorts focus on their destination goods and mainly present themselves with beautiful landscapes and mountain panoramas. The new Brandig concept for Kitzbühel breaks with this tradition and presents Kitzbühel as a lifestyle brand, comparable to a fashion brand. Away from the "interchangeable" nature, towards a lifestyle experience - young, cheeky, non-conformist, glamorous and with international appeal.

The previous lettering, designed by renowned Kitzbühel artist Alfons Walde over 90 years ago and slightly adapted in the mid-1970s, has been replaced by a high-impact, geometric grotesque font. With the implied "Ü" and the integration of the stylized chamois head, Kitzbühel presents itself with a new word-image brand.

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