Brand Finance: Nestlé loses, but remains the most valuable brand

Every year, the brand valuation company Brand Finance puts more than 5,000 of the biggest brands to the test and also examines the most valuable brands from Switzerland in a separate ranking. 

Which are the most valuable brands in Switzerland? Brand Finance reveals this again this year in the new Switzerland 50 2024 Country Report. There have been shifts in the positions of the top ten brands from Switzerland: Zurich, for example, made up one place with 26 percent growth, replacing the pharmaceutical brand Roche in 4th place. Rolex (watches) and UBS were also able to close the gap to the top with double-digit percentage growth.

Nestlé is at the top with a brand value of CHF 18.5 billion, despite a 13 percent loss in value. ABB made it into the top 10 with 12 percent growth (CHF 5 billion), while the iconic traditional Swiss brand Nescafé slipped from 7th to 10th place with a 30 percent loss in value.

In the value environment of sustainability perception, Rolex was even able to take the top position ahead of Nestlé. The top 50 climber BKW is exciting. The brand was able to assert itself in 47th position with a 20 percent increase in value. Overall, the top 50 from Switzerland increased only marginally compared to the previous year (0.66%).

Brands from the three sectors of food, clothing/accessories and insurance account for half of the total brand value volume and continued to grow in dominance.

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