Ammarkt simplifies communication for Nahrin

Nahrin is known for seasoning mixes and the like, but less so for natural cosmetics. To change this, Ammarkt has harmonized its visual and communicative appearance with an easy-to-use toolbox.

The family-owned company Nahrin is known here in Germany for natural foods such as bouillons and seasoning mixes, as well as food supplements. Internationally, the Nahrin brand also stands for natural cosmetics. Until now, however, the international distribution partners only had limited communication tools available for the brand presence of the cosmetics range. With the expansion into new markets, the need for harmonization of the visual and communicative appearance increased.

The power and beauty of our nature are a strong selling point in the countries where Nahrin Cosmetics is sold. Especially because the formulas and many of the raw materials are also of natural origin. The challenges in connection with a globally effective corporate design were not only the diversity of the markets, which are spread across the continents of Europe and Asia, but also the fact that the respective distribution partners use a variety of sales channels in direct sales or in retail (specialist consultants, online store, physical stores).

Focus on effect and naturalness

Although Nahrin's product divisions are different, they are united by the company's fundamental values: Naturalness, high quality, effectiveness, quality and down-to-earthness, in line with the brand claim "Closer to Nature". The newly created claim "Powerful Touch of Nature" is intended to create this connection to cosmetics.

To this end, Ammarkt worked with the Nahrin Cosmetics team to create a toolbox, taking into account the various distribution and communication channels, from which the countries can now choose according to their needs and ensure a uniform look. The simple tile design leaves enough scope to create country-specific messages and design variants. There is now a shared image pool, which was filled in close cooperation with the countries.


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