Serviceplan Suisse and Deep Tech Nation are shaping the future of Switzerland

Swisscom and UBS have established the Deep Tech Nation Switzerland foundation to ensure that Switzerland remains competitive as a center of innovation. The agency Serviceplan Suisse, based at the House of Communication Zurich, has set the communicative course for a corresponding brand presence.

Switzerland is a global leader in innovation and has a unique education system and excellent research facilities. Nevertheless, there is a lack of the necessary financial support, particularly in the area of deep tech, where research-intensive technological innovations are developed. There is a lack of sufficient venture capital, which means that Switzerland is gradually falling behind the international competition.

This is precisely where the "Deep Tech Nation Switzerland" foundation, which was officially launched at the Swiss Economic Forum, comes in. The foundation aims to mobilize 50 billion Swiss francs for start-ups and scale-ups in the deep tech sector over the next ten years. This should create up to 100,000 new jobs in Switzerland. The foundation wants to improve the conditions for this so that start-ups and scale-ups can grow more easily, making Switzerland more attractive for Swiss and international investors.

Incorporate Need for Action into your appearance     

In close cooperation with Deep Tech Nation Switzerland, Serviceplan Suisse created the entire branding, which, in addition to the overall visual appearance, also included the development of the messaging and a website. With the two main messages "Need for Action" and "Time for Action", the urgency of the situation should be tangible, but without painting a black picture and addressing the different target groups in a positive and activating way.

Deep Tech Nation Switzerland was officially launched on June 6 at the Swiss Economic Forum by Swisscom CEO Christoph Aeschlimann and Sabine Keller-Busse, President UBS Switzerland.

In addition to the website and DOOH advertising media at the SEF, Serviceplan Suisse also created the intro and outro film for the presentation at the SEF. Further communication media are being planned.

Responsible at Deep Tech Nation: Joanne Sieber, Daniel Fisler, Lisa Appels. Responsible in the House of Communication: Micha Seger (Executive Creative Direction), Kelsang Gope, Joss Arnot (Text), Philipp Intlekofer, Luca Di Francesco, Michael Winnicki (Art Direction), Nico Podgorny, Rabea Müller, Nicole Grogg (Consulting), Marcel Benz, Philip Zsifkovits (Strategy), Barbara Meier (Realization), Nathalie Diethelm, Raul Serrat (Overall responsibility). Film production: McQueen Films.

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