Pride: Young people in particular are happy about brand engagement

June is Pride Month, and while the queer community is currently campaigning particularly strongly for acceptance of various kinds, companies are also increasingly showing public support for the queer community. A recent Yougov survey examines how this is received by the Swiss population.

(Image: Yougov)

The fact that companies openly show support for pride parades is well received by the population: almost half of the population (48%) are in favor of companies publicly supporting pride parades. Meanwhile, approval among queer respondents was 70 percent, and 45 percent among non-queer respondents.

(Graphics: Yougov Switzerland)

Corporate involvement in Pride parades is particularly popular in the 15 to 29 age group - 52% of them are in favor. In the 30 to 44 age group, the figure is still 50 percent, while this support drops to 43 percent in the oldest age group surveyed, 60 to 79-year-olds, for example.

International brands are the best fit for Pride

It is therefore hardly surprising that brands operating in Switzerland repeatedly associate themselves with the topic of Pride, usually on the occasion of Pride Month. According to the Swiss population, Coca-Cola (top 3 on a scale of 1 to 10: 33%), Netflix (top 3: 33%) and Zalando (top 3: 31%) are particularly well suited to Pride parades. The highest-placed traditional Swiss brand is SBB (top 3: 22%), followed by Rivella (top 3: 21%) and Twint (top 3: 20%). The cantonal banks (Bottom 3: 36%), Raiffeisen (Bottom 3: 35%) and Thomy (Bottom 3: 34%), among others, are perceived as less suitable.

The population-representative survey was conducted by Yougov Switzerland from May 24 to 27, 2024. For this purpose, 1,260 people aged between 15 and 79 were surveyed via online interviews in Yougov's Swiss panel.

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