Foundry for Blueyou: Rebranding on behalf of the ocean

The company Blueyou wants to be a global pioneer in the field of regenerative seafood. Foundry has realized a rebranding for the company.

Anyone who has seen the documentary "Seaspiracy" will probably be skeptical at first glance when the two words "sustainability" and "seafood" come together. How can this be reconciled? Blueyou wants to show that there is a better way of dealing with nature and local communities. The task for this company was to create a brand strategy and a new image that would also create greater awareness among a broad target group.

The new "Blueyou" brand is intended to stand for a clear commitment to regenerative aquaculture and fair and sustainable coastal fisheries, thereby setting new standards for the global seafood industry. "Serve the Ocean" is Blueyou's approach that goes beyond mere conservation and actively aims to restore and revitalize marine ecosystems. Foundry's new brand identity is designed to reflect this ethos.

Extensive global insights were incorporated into the brand development process: from star chefs in Vancouver and sales teams in Manila to purchasing managers of 5-star hotels in Hong Kong. The aim was to develop a vision that emphasizes the regenerative potential of the oceans. The resulting brand and visual identity breaks away from conventional notions of seafood branding by using bold colors, playful illustrations and a narrative approach that highlights the regenerative effects of Blueyou's practices.

"Our goal was to go beyond the traditional narrative of sustainability and highlight the revolutionary role of regenerative marine products," explains Sacha Moser, founder and creative partner of Foundry. "'Serve the Ocean' is a call to action and reflects a commitment to not only preserve, but actively improve marine ecosystems. The rebellious and playful design direction we have developed results in a distinctive and disruptive visual identity."

The new design system is intended to emphasize the brand's love for the ocean and shows the diverse origins, types and ecological effects of Blueyou's offerings. With the new brand identity, Blueyou aims to stand out on crowded shelves and break the stereotype of serious packaging for sustainable products. To continue the identity across all touchpoints, Foundry redesigned a comprehensive suite of materials for the company, including the website, sales tools, event collateral, food fair presentations and B2B marketing materials.

Responsible at Blueyou: René Benguerel (Founder & Managing Director), Matthias Krebs (Founder & Commercial Director), Claudia Schär, Yasmin Thiesen (Head of Global Marketing). VResponsible at FoundryNitin George (Lead Creative Direction Concept & Strategy) Alexander Brown (Strategy), Ruben Mata Lopez (Design & Art Direction), Leon Marenbach (Copywriter), Phila Oppel (Design), Gregor Wollenweber, (Production), Elena Frischknecht (Account-& Projectmanager), Sacha Moser (Lead Creative Direction).

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