Crafft creates new ZeCarb brand for Asco carbon dioxide

The "ZeCarb" brand, developed from scratch by Crafft, aims to stand out in the increasingly important market for Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) both visually and in terms of content.

Asco Kohlensäure laid the foundations for the ZeCarb brand together with Crafft during a two-day brand sprint workshop in Romanshorn. "It quickly became clear that we shouldn't focus on rebranding Asco, but rather develop something new together in order to achieve the ambitious goals," explains strategist Michael Rütti. "We needed a new brand that would get straight to the heart of the team's mission visually and communicatively." This resulted in a brand strategy with a new name and claim in record time, a website and other marketing initiatives.

ZeCarb stands for Zero Carbon. A simple message, a clear promise. "The brand needs to make it clear that the team is 'on a mission'," explains Creative Director Scott Lloyd. "Through concise content and a focus on clear messages, slogans and infographics, we have developed a communication approach for ZeCarb that expresses accessibility, clarity and competence."

For the Messer Group, ZeCarb is a valuable addition to its product portfolio. Those responsible consider the potential in the CCUS market to be high. It was therefore important to develop the ZeCarb brand in line with the Group's image from the outset in order to make the best possible use of future synergies. The result was a sub-brand that fulfills two tasks: to stand out clearly from the competition in the CCUS market segment and at the same time to integrate seamlessly into the Messer Group's corporate identity.

Responsible at ZeCarb: Fabian Weber (Manager Marketing & Communications CCUS), Ralph Spring (Senior Manager Commercials CCUS). Responsible at Crafft: Michael Rütti (Strategic Direction), Silvan Wyser (Consulting), Scott Lloyd (Creative Direction), Serge Meierhofer, Slavik Kuvshynov (Design), Severin Glaser, Erkan Demiralay (Development).

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