Republica: Curtain up for the new TOBS!

The Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn "TOBS!" presents itself in a completely new look. The Bern-based agency Republica provided strategic advice to the multidisciplinary theater and created a new image that begins with the definition of the brand essence and exudes a great deal of freshness, cultural depth and contemporary lightness across all measures.

In 2013, the two institutions Theater Biel Solothurn and Sinfonie Orchester Biel merged, resulting in Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn with the acronym TOBS. The bilingual multidisciplinary theater has a high standard of artistic expression and attracts personalities from all disciplines, which in turn provides an ideal breeding ground for up-and-coming talent and a springboard for future careers. With four venues in Biel and two in Solothurn, the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn is also one of the largest employers in the region. All this has prompted Republica to make an exclamation mark.

TOBS! has commissioned Republica to transform the existing website so that it reflects the great diversity and quality of what is on offer. After all, transformation is a constant, especially in the cultural sector, without which a cultural offering cannot flourish in the first place. A rethink and redesign of content and visuals was therefore required in order to gain the attention it deserved on all key channels and in the face of the broad range of competition from the entertainment, culture and leisure sectors. At the same time, subscription and individual ticket sales should also be increased and younger generations should be introduced to the TOBS! program. To this end, among other things completely redesigned the website.

Culture that makes its mark

The new brand with an exclamation mark TOBS! is explicitly a fluid appearance. It is intended to move people, cultures and hearts as well as everyday life, feelings, sounds and bodies - in short, everything.

Visual event communication is an essential part of the assignment. This shows in extremis how changeable and yet unmistakable the TOBS! brand is - and must be. Because a classic like "Macbeth" and a modern play like "Cabaret" are worlds apart. This is why the brand is carried very prominently in all event subjects, almost like stage décor, yet is extremely flexible, adaptable and fluid and allows its main characters to appear in the best possible light.

Although TOBS! sees itself as an interdisciplinary institution with its various divisions, the five divisions - drama, opera, concert, dance and young - are now clearly separated by color. The target groups can quickly decode messages in this way and, above all, the diversity of the offer is also visually emphasized.


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