Merger of two software developers: Farner develops Hyand brand

The merger of the two companies MT and God creates the new German software developer Hyand. Farner I Team Farner develops a new name, a brand story and the entire visual identity for Hyand.

The merger of the two companies MT and God also brings together two brands that are different and therefore ideally complement each other. This "merger of equals" also requires the development of a brand that successfully brings together the employees of both companies, anchors the claim to excellence in the sales markets and positions the company sustainably in the labor market.

At a brand strategy level, Farner I Team Farner developed a precise vision and mission. In addition, a brand identity was created to reinforce the claim to competence leadership and innovative spirit both internally and externally. This claim is also reflected in the name Hyand. The new brand name was derived from the English term "High End" and the suffix "and/plus". Hyand's new name is intended to show that it is a company that exceeds expectations with its services. This derivation is also reflected in the new brand design and logo.

The brand story of the new Hyand brand is summarized with the claim "Code of Change". This was staged in a brand film in collaboration with Addictive Films.

Responsible at Hyand: Dr. Sarah Schütmatt (Head of Marketing), Andrej Krahne (Chief Innovation Officer). Responsible at Farner Consulting: Markus Gut, Jan Jenny, Fabian Bertschinger, Martin Fawer.

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