Delightful brand refresh from Allink for Chesa Rosatsch

As part of a brand refresh, Allink modernized the website and the appearance of the Chesa Rosatsch in Celerina and positioned the traditional hotel as a gourmet hotel.

A hotel's website and brand image are usually the first and decisive point of contact for new guests. This is also the case for the Chesa RosatschFor decades now, this traditional business has been a feature of the Engadin community of Celerina and attracts many locals as well as international guests - thanks to three restaurants and a bar.

With a brand refresh, Allink brought the brand image up to date and geared it towards a younger audience. The focus topic "indulgence" set the strategic direction for the brand: from the specially created categorization as a "pleasure hotel" to the opulent imagery. Seasonal drone shots invite visitors to the website to immerse themselves in the world of Chesa Rosatsch, while carefully arranged still-life shots put the culinary delights in the right light. Chesa Rosatsch's own products - from spirits such as Brotbrösmeli vodka to chili sauce - have also been given a new packaging design that is in keeping with the overall appearance.

The topic of indulgence also comes into play in online marketing in the form of content about Chesa Rosatsch. The long-standing collaborations with small local businesses are given a stage as "Alpine Food Stories" and are intended to whet the appetite for a visit to Celerina. The new brand design is rounded off by modernized logos for the hotel and restaurants as well as simple but unique typography with a specially created corporate font.

Responsible at Chesa RosatschMichael Stutz (owner of Gastgeber 3.0 AG, operating company), Fanny Eisl (marketing), Rahel Meyer (hotelier & host). Responsible at AllinkDavid Zangger (Creative Director, Partner), Fabian Schiltknecht (Managing Director), Davide Rossetto (Design Director), Marc Wöltinger (Strategy & Content Director), Simon Zangger (Photo & Film Director), Yuma Greco (Photographer), Lena Nyfeler (Photography Apprentice), Alban Bochsler (Technical Director), Nicolai Spicher (Senior Digital Designer), Nora Pfund (Online Marketing Manager), Johanna Senn (Copywriter), Florin Schweizer (Trainee Content & Online Marketing).

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