After 20 years: New brand identity for the Flims-Laax-Falera vacation region

The Grisons vacation region of Flims Laax Falera is returning to a single-brand strategy - and is now focusing on "Flims Laax" instead of "Flims" and "Laax". Previously, this had already been attempted with "Alpenarena".

Image: JProducer; Unsplash.

The Grisons vacation region of Flims Laax Falera is changing its brand identity after almost 20 years. While the destination in the Surselva region previously operated under the two brands "Flims" and "Laax", it is now only called "Flims Laax".

"The two brands are thus following the perception that guests have long taken for granted: Flims Laax is one destination," the tourism organization of the three vacation villages announced on Monday. Together, the two brands are stronger than each on its own. With the one-brand strategy, the vacation region wants to position itself as a year-round destination. The new destination brand should not only have a touristic effect, but also establish the region as an attractive and modern place to live and work.

Return to single-brand strategy

However, the tourism organization is not reinventing the wheel with its single-brand strategy. Until 2005, the vacation region operated under the "Alpenarena" brand. However, marketing studies showed that the name could neither be positioned as a brand nor sufficiently publicized.

It also became apparent at the time that the guests in summer were not the same as those in winter. As a result, the region switched to two brands. The winter offer was positioned under the "Laax" brand. "Flims" became the collective name for vacations and leisure in summer. (sda)

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