Karling creates a colorful appearance for Sihlcity's children's paradise

When creating the new overall look for Minicity, Karling put on its children's glasses and made children's dreams come true. In the new, animated logo of Sihlcity's children's paradise, each letter has become a "character".

The key visual created with the help of AI and elaborate CGI animation transforms a city into a fantastic ball pit. The films for Minicity, which can now be seen on social media and digital advertising media, are completely devoid of artificial intelligence, but are full of childlike joy.

The key visual is also used on instream and display ads, posters, e-boards, flyers, postcards, in social media reels and other measures.

Responsible at Sihlcity: Mara Bonorand, Corine Gubler, Michelle Ferreira. Responsible at Karling: Ingrid Brun del Re, Patrick Suter, Daniel Serrano, Franziska Suter, Ilias Islam. Motion design, key visual: Simone Nucci.

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