Yann Sommer advertises as a testimonial for Zurich

The goalkeeper of the Swiss football team Yann Sommer is advertising as a testimonial in an Always On campaign for Zurich. The celebrity ambassador is drawing attention to the insurance company's products in TV commercials and social media clips from April to November.

(Screenshot: Youtube.com/Zurich)

With the always-on strategy, Zurich customers are to be addressed over a longer period of time as precisely as possible at the moment when they have a current need and are therefore open to a message. This means that the campaign content is more relevant and can offer added value. The campaign period is therefore being extended compared to the past.

The campaign promotes Zurich Help Points and vehicle insurance, which customers can increasingly tailor to their personal use of the vehicle and combine with attractive additional benefits and services.

Further commercials with Yann Sommer will be shown from mid-2024. These will deal with the topics of risk, savings and occupational pensions.

Football highlight in summer

As sponsor and official insurance partner of the Swiss national soccer team, Zurich is also focusing on the momentum of this year's soccer highlight with Yann Sommer. As a testimonial, the national team goalie bridges the gap between the emotional sporting event and Zurich's services. In addition to prominent slots on TV, the clips will also be shown in an adapted form on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Responsible at Zurich: Priska Kaspar (Head Marketing), Daniel Ravidà (Head Marketing Planning & Project Management), Reto Bolli (Sponsoring & Live Marketing), Gabriela Reuteler (Senior Marketing Manager), Tanja Nägele (Senior Content & Social Media Manager), Marta Blazsik (Senior Digital Campaign Manager). Responsible at Brinkertlück: Dennis Lück (CEO & Creative Director), Martin Huber (Head of Consulting), Nicolas Fojtu (Project Manager & Producer), Cla Campell (Senior Copywriter & Concept Designer), Marc Groth (DOP & Senior Art Director), Margarethe Hertzsch (Content Creator), Manuel Köpfli (Sound Engineer & Content Creator). Responsible at Mediaschneider Bern: Melissa Spycher (COO), Thorsten Winkler (CEO), Sandro Jungi (Head of Business Development), Debora Prati (Senior Consultant), Thierry Frey (Client Service Director), Noemie Leibinn (Consultant).

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