MetaDesign creates new brand experience for Passugger

In the competitive mineral water market, smaller brands in particular are required to make a clear statement in the market. MetaDesign has positioned the Passugger brand and made its claim clear in a new brand experience.

In 2005, the current owners from Graubünden bought back the 120-year-old Passugger mineral water brand from Feldschlösschen and from that moment on carried the range into the future with respect for the original and a feel for the needs of the catering and hotel industry.

To bring this value and the associated ambition to life, MetaDesign has turned the Passugger brand into a statement of originality, authenticity and consistency. Under the idea of "Unfiltered", Passugger shows profile and character in a fresh brand identity and makes a statement: A dynamic design language reflects the unique diversity of Passugger's six sources. A visual world with a clear focus emphasizes the content. In turn, a striking typeface makes Passugger's craftsmanship tangible. Concise messages get to the heart of Passugger's directness and self-confidence.

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