Yellow gives Giardina a second spring

The MCH Group has commissioned the Yellow agency to update the appearance of its garden fair "Giardina". With a comprehensive program, the brand and its visual appearance were refreshed and further developed in communication and at the event itself.

The Giardina garden fair takes place annually in Zurich. The fair is valued above all for its high-quality, often spectacular show gardens. Because not only gardens but also brands need to be regularly maintained, the MCH Group has hired Yellow for Giardina.

In a first step, the Basel agency compared the existing elements with the brand personality and positioning and defined various fields of work on this basis. As part of a multi-stage process, the foundations of the brand were revised and refreshed in the various areas of communication. In the same context, Yellow developed the measures for trade fair communication as well as for visitor advertising and information. As part of an all-round service, the Yellow team also took on tasks in the areas of trade fair communication and signage.

Responsible at MCH Group: Encarnación M. Dellai (Brand Director). Responsible Agency: Yellow.

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